Wednesday, January 16, 2008

China's net population at 210 million

According to statistics from the China
Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC),
China's netizens had reached 210 million by
December 2007, an increase of 73 mln
year-on-year, and 48 mln more than the number
in H1 2007. Internet penetration has reached 16%
of the overall population. In addition, broadband
subscribers have reached 163 mln and wireless
Internet users have reached 50.4 million.

The current growth rate of 50% cannot be
sustained. I doubt a country of 1.3 billion
can get all its citizens on the Internet in
another 5 years, which is what a growth of
50% compounded would do. To get
a better picture of how this affects Baidu,
we need to wait for numbers on growth rate
for Internet searches.

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