Thursday, December 31, 2009

China Mobile's Chairmain of 12580 service leaves for Baidu

Gong Yuyi, Chairman and COO of China Mobile's
Information Service Platform 12580, has left to
take charge of Baidu's online video service. He was
previously COO of Sohu, and moved to China Mobile
December of last year.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Postbar launches "Baidu Lighthouse"

An interactive marketing tool companies and individuals
can use to collect groups of customers on Tieba. The tools
available include videos, images, polls and posts, which
the receiving individuals can then repost, triggering a viral
campaign. China Mobile is advertising its mobile music
service, "Miguhui", one of the first users of Lighthouse
("Dengta"). Baidu is providing the service free to over
230 celebrities and media outlets.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oppenheimer maintains "perform" rating

Equivalent of neutral.

Baidu fined for unfair business practices

A district court at Chaoyang fined Baidu and
Evercare for hijacking the branded keyword
Shianba, belonging to Evercare's cosmetic
surgery competitor. Baidu's subsidiary, Baidu
Times had argued they did not have the ability
to police the bidding for keywords, but the court
rejected that claim, pointing out Baidu does
reserve the right to inspect keywords bid on.
The court held the the right was a responsibility
as well.

The combined fine is RMB 130,000 , and will be
effective in fifteen days.

Baidu wins anti-monopoly lawsuit

Renren Information Services company had filed the
suit, the first of its kind in China, with the Beijing
First Intermediate People's Court last December.
At issue was Renren's website showing up further
down in search results, after they stopped using
Baidu's ad-placement system.

Monday, December 28, 2009

iTieba - the SNS service - has 12 million users

Growing fast. Baidu expects the service, just launched
after one month of beta testing, to overtake
kaixin in another four months. The Baidu service
focuses heavily on celebrities and fans, distinguishing
itself from, which focuses on game
applications cloned from facebook.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Baidu Library adds new file formats

Earlier known as Baidu Docs. The new formats
are . Vsd,. Pot,. Pps,. Rtf,. Wps ,. et,. dps. The
library now has almost 90,000 shared docs.

Baidu Space updated

The mobile Baidu Space has been updated. The new version is at, and accessible from

Phoenix Nest still has ads on the leftside

Advertisers, however have to improve the quality of
ad-text, that is have it be more relevant to the search,
to be listed on the left. The top three leftside ads,
where they exist, are shown on a gray background.
The others are mixed in the search results.

As Robin Li stated in the Q3 earnings call:

Phoenix Nest is a new option, a new system, it’s
a new mechanism and it’s independent of where [ads]
are displayed. So this switch that we are talking about
means Phoenix Nest as the auction system, as the
bidding system, as the keyboard management system,
will take over all of the inventory we have on our search
results page, meaning the main panel will also be powered,
if you will, by Phoenix Nest.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rumours Baidu may buy Youku for 200 million USD

Baidu had invested in online video site, acquired
recently by another company. Baidu VP Ren Xuyang, in
charge of investments and purchasing, refused to comment,
and Youku denied the rumour. Youku had received a new
round of financing fairly recently.

Youa updates

Baidu's e-shopping channel Youa now supports a fast
checkout mechanism. Users need not register on the
site, and and can checkout by providing just their
cell number or email address.

In addition, Youa has launched a lottery ticket
sales service, working as a proxy sales agent. Users
cannot purchase tickets directly on the site, but
can enter the number they choose. The site then
contacts a lottery sales organization to purchase
the ticket for the user. The winnings are deposited
to the user's account, subject to a limit of 10,000 RMB.
Larger amounts require user authorization.

Piper Jaffray maintains Neutral rating

and $315 price target.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Recruiting interns to research grammar of foreign languages

Specifically German, French, Russian, Arabic, Malay,
Turkish and Persian. The intern researches have to
sum up the grammar syntax and search usage patterns
in those languages.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Teaming up with Media outlets to create city post bars

Baidu is aiming to locate a user by IP address, and
recommend local media outlets. These media
outlets will have exclusive rights to operate the
regional headline section of the Baidu PostBar page.
The scheme is in place in Hangzhou, the tie-up
being with the Hangzhou Daily, in Shijiazhuang
with the Yanzhao Metropolitan News, and in
Fujian with the Southeastern Express.

Shanda lit. planning to sue in January

Shanda Literature listed seven reasons
    1. infringed the copyright incomes of
    contracted writers of Shanda Literature.

    2. was responsible for content and url
    thefts of its key literature works

    3 manipulated the ranking list and blocked
    Shanda Literature's works for no reason.

    4.'s Post Bar has become a hotbed for pirated
    Internet literature.

    5.'s response to requirements of pirated content
    deletion is slow.

    6.'s tolerance for pirated websites has harmed innovation

    7 caused great losses to Shanda Literature.

    Shanda Literature said it will sue in
    January 2010 for five pieces of severely infringed works.
    The lawsuit will involve a compensation of over
    CNY1 million.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

News channel adds video

The video channels have subchannels for national,
international, sports and entertainment feeds.

C2C shopping site, Youa, underperforming

As per Analysys, Youa had just 1% of market share
in Q3 2009, despite having over 5% share in volume
of merchandise and number of retailers. Analysys had
predicted around 6% market share a year ago. Few
buyers, and underfunding seem to be the issues.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

User search share grows

As per iResearch, Baidu now has an all-time high user-search
share of 77%, up 1.3% points from last quarter. The second,
Google, is at 17.9%, falling consecutively for three quarters.
Volume of webpage search requests reached 54.5 billion in
China, a 7.4% rise quarter-over-quarter, of which Baidu had
41.94 billion, a rise of 9.4% qoq.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Children's search service shutdown

following CCTV reports of porn in the results. has been up and running since

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Self policing for vulgar Internet content

Sina, Sohu, Netease, Baidu, Zhongsou, China Yahoo
and Qihoo have agreed to take measures to stop
linking to vulgar or pornographic content, and to not
provide network services to companies offering such
information. This seems to be in response to CCTV's
recent reports on porn on the net and on mobile
phones. A number of Chinese departments have
launched a crackdown on port on the net.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kaufman Bros starts coverage with Hold

Aaron Kessler places of PT of $470, pointing out the
positive long-term potential of the company. Believes
the stock may be flat in the near-term till the Phoenix
Nest transition is complete, at which point, monetization
should improve, making for better earnings. EPS 2010
estimate of $9.24.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Postbar has a new top-level domain name:

The State Administration for Industry and Commerce
has granted Baidu exclusive use of the trademark
Tieba (Postbar).

Tie-up with China Mobile and Unicom for charge cards...

to be used on Baifubao, the e-commerce system.
There is a 5% surcharge.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Outstanding corporate citizen award

Baidu has been awarded the outstanding corporate citizen
award from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Association
of social workers, corporate citizen committees, and China
Central Television Business Channel. They jointly organized
the "2009 China Forum and the good corporate citizen
Corporate Citizenship Award Ceremony". Baidu was credited
for its strong sense of mission in fulfilling corporate social
responsibility, in providing a special search service for older
people, helping at times with various crises and natural
disasters, and promoting innovation among University

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sanford Bernstein downgrades on valuation

from outperform to market perform (buy to neutral).
Says the price has run up so much valuation is now
excessive. Raises price target from $420 to $460.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Baidu acquires Dayhand

Rumored to pay 30million RMB. Dayhand has software
that allows mobile users to input Chinese characters by
picking from the screen.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CIC survey: Baidu user search share at 69.8%

  1. Baidu: 69.9%
  2. Google: 19.8%
  3. Sogou (part of Sohu): 3.5%
  4. Soso (part of Tencent): 3.3%
  5. Others: 3.5%
Last year's CIC survey

Friday, November 20, 2009

Chinese-language Japanese ecommerce site expanded

renamed from "Window on Japan" at to"Window to the world",
with sections on Japan and South Korea, for now.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baidu Wendang catching on

Baidu Wendang is the document sharing service
launched on the Q&A channel. Users upload docs
and gain points they can use to download other
docs. Unregistered users can browse and search,
but not download.

The service had amassed 7,400 documents within
48 hours of its November 12 release, and the number
had doubled to 15,242 by Monday morning. As of
Monday, professional reference made up the greatest
proportion at 5,578 files, while tests, essays and other
student educational materials represented 4,603 files,
and literary works accounted for 2,516 documents.

Pacific Epoch

GS removes from conviction buy list, but raises PT to $500

The new street high price target. A 6-month target.
The firm is still positive on the Baidu citing "better
China advertising trends, US and China internet peer
re-rating, and our belief that paid leads and revenue
per click can both double over several years, while
customer adds can accelerate toward's

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New mobile touchscreen Chinese input method

Baidu is planning to launch its new Chinese input
method product based on mobile phone terminals
on November 25, 2009. This new input method
will reportedly support several different ways of
Chinese writing, including Pinyin. In addition, the
new input method has a large vocabulary, which is
apparently 40% more than that of existing input
methods. Baidu said its input method has a strong
"do it yourself" ability and users can create their
own input methods by customizing the appearance,
operating habit, and vocabulary. It also features
powerful networking functions, which enables online
backup of vocabulary base and online updating of
popular new words.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Document sharing on Q&A channel

"Baidu knows" now lets users publish documents online,
which others can download. The documents can be in one
of the common formats - .doc, .txt, .pdf... Baidu expects
users to upload theses, articles, published papers, test
banks, courseware and the like. About five thousand
documents have been uploaded already. The system
works with a points system, with those who upload
earning points which can be redeemed toward downloads.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Game site,, to be operated by

Baidu plans to contract up to ten employees from game
portal to take charge of operation and
maintenance of Baidu's game channel,, reports Sina quoting an unnamed
insider. Baidu will retain responsibility for ad sales
on the portal, with taking a small share of
ad revenue, said the report. The new Baidu game
channel is expected to go online on Wednesday with
a notice that it is "powered by," said the

South China HQ in Shenzhen (Guangzhou's twin city)

The company intends to locate its South China
headquarters in Shenzhen and expand its business
in Southeast Asia in the future, reports Shenzhen
Special Zone Daily quoting Li during an October 8
visit to Shenzhen.

Embedded MP-3 player

Baidu may embed a music player, to play tracks which
show up in search results. The product has not been
officially announced.

Moving to new Headquarters this week

Baidu's 7000 employees will be moved to their new
headquarters this week. November 17th, Robin Li's
birthday and the tenth anniversary of Baidu's founding,
will be celebrated at the new HQ.

Eddie Lung(BofA-Merrill Lynch) maintains PT of $455

Met with Baidu management at their China Investment

Management says they have better monetization in the right
hand side and top left corner of the result page, both managed
by Phoenix Nest. They are confident of better positive results
after a couple of quarters of transition, as Phoenix Nest is
extended to the main monetization area, left hand side of the
search results page.

Some smaller clients do not want to migrate to Phoenix Nest.
Some big advertisers are not ok with two systems for the two
parts of the page. Some negative impact from some customers
not switching immediately, some customers budgeting less
money initially while waiting to see how things work out, and
system optimization. ML believes the impact will be mostly in
1Q10,with residual in 2Q.

Baidu is managing costs closely during the transition. While
they are still hiring graduates, there are no salary hikes, since
there is less competition because of the downturn. Rental
costs are lower because of the move to an owned building. The
budget for the Japan startup was $25 to 30 mln for 2009 of
which only $17.5 has been spent in 3 quarters. That provides
operating leverage to offset TAC costs from traffic from
partnered websites.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baidupedia entries to become more authoritative

Baidu is cooperating with owners of well-known brands,
professional organizations, and higher-education
institutions to make its Wikipedia entries more professional,
authoritative and credible. Such pages are going to display
a certification logo from a reputed authority on the

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Branding campaign on TV and Internet

Baidu will be advertising on TV and to
promote its brandname. The theme is that every
dream can be followed through its search engine.
The ads will emphasize how search is becoming
a part of daily life, and how it changes the way
we behave. The clip is 48 seconds long.

Baidu ad campaign

Nomura maintains "reduce" rating and PT of $311.30

Monday, November 2, 2009

Teaming up with Qtrax for ad-supported music download model

Qtrax announced today that Baidu has agreed
to direct music related search inquiries from its
Entertainment Portal, and Qian Qian Music Online
sites to Qtrax's independent, free and legal
download service, wherever Qtrax has the queried
artist or song in its catalogue.

Allan Klepfisz, President and CEO of Qtrax, commented:
"We are very pleased with Baidu's decision. As the
dominant search engine in China, Baidu will provide us
with substantial traffic from its music and entertainment
portals. We, in turn, will provide the visitors they send
to our independent free and legal site, a superior music
discovery and download experience. In the coming weeks,
we will progressively launch in each of nine Asia-Pacific
countries and begin to divert and monetize traffic - for
the benefit of artists and copyright holders - that
previously found its way to non-licensed sites. We
believe our offering, including information about the
artists, is vastly superior to these unauthorized sites."

Jay Berman, Co-Chairman of the Qtrax Advisory
Board and former Chairman of both the RIAA and IFPI,
observed: "As someone involved in fighting music piracy in
China for more than 20 years, I believe this represents an
important first step. It is a very positive development in
the long standing fight against online music piracy in China."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Personalized homepage, video suggestions releases

Baidu now allows users the customize their baidu account
homepage. The company calls it a next-generation IT highway
entrance. It connects Baidu's various search products, and
third-party service extensions, seamlessly on one page.

Baidu has also updated video search to push most-popular
videos to the user's page. The videos are going to be chosen
based on the user's search and browsing history.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Adding handwriting recognition system

Baidu has added an online input function which provides a box
where users can write with the mouse. The search engine
recognizes the written characters and proceeds. For now,
the input uses a drag and drop interface from a template
to the right.

New Beijing building to open on November 17

Official opening....

Analyst action: consolidated

Except for S&P, which raised from strong sell to sell,
no analyst has changed rating. Street low is $263,
from CS (matches the historical trend), down from their
previous street low of $290. The street high is now $480
(CLSA) down from Merrill Lynch's previous $512.

GS: buy, PT lowered from $455 to $435

Citi: buy, PT lowered from $480 to $440

HSBC: underweight, PT raised from $300 to $375

CS: underperform, PT lowered from $290 to $263

BofA(ML): buy, PT lowered from $512 (old highest)
to $455

CLSA: buy, PT left at new street high $480

RBC: outperform, PT lowered from $484 to $403

S&P: sell, PT raised from $265 to $350

Morgan Stanley: equal weight

Deutsche Bank: hold, PT left at $411

JP Morgan: overweight, PT lowered from $480 to $460

Susquehanna: positive, PT raised from $380 to $450

Sanford Bernstein: outperform, PT lowered from $460
to $420
Oppenheimer: perform

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Analyst action: Citi, HSBC

Citi lowers PT from $480 to $440. HSBC raises PT from
$300 to $375.

Analysts: Credit Suisse "underperform": details

3Q09 diluted EPS was US$2.07, up 28% QoQ, in line with
consensus. Revenue was Rmb1,278 mn, up 17% QoQ, within
guidance, but gross margin was up from 63.7% in 2Q09 to
65.4% in 3Q09. Net cash was Rmb3.96 bn in 3Q09 (or
US$16.8 net cash per ADR).

Active customers number was 216,000, up 11% YoY.
ARPU was Rmb5,918, up 25% YoY. ARPU growth rate
has been above customer growth in the past nine out of
ten quarters.

Baidu announced that it will migrate all advertising to
Phoenix Nest on 1 December and Classic P4P system
will be discontinued. Management expects the migration
to impact 4Q09 revenue negatively by 10%. We expect
December to suffer the most, and 1Q10 revenue would
be Rmb1,045 mn, down 14% QoQ or up 29% YoY.

Due to Phoenix Nest migration, we cut our 2009 diluted
EPS by 10%. Due to Phoenix Nest's positive user experience,
earnings cut in future years are lower. We lower our
DCF-based target price from US$290 to US$263, implying
33x 2010 P/E. Trading at 55x 2010E P/E, Baidu is
overvalued. We reiterate our UNDERPERFORM rating.

Analysts: Merrill Lynch, CLSA maintain rating and PT

Both buy ratings. PTs of $455 and a street-high $480,
respectively. Merrill Lynch earlier had the street high
of $512, now reduced to $455.

Goldman's earnings estimates for Q4, 2010 and 2011

James Mitchell of GS cut $6.83 2009 EPS estimate
to $6.54, $11.46 for 2010 to $10.34 and
$16.05 for 2011 to $15.45.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Search market share for Q3 per Analysys

Baidu at 63.9% and Google at 31.3%, up from
29.1% in Q2. Search market share, ie percentage
of revenue from ad customers, can be expected
to go up for Google (and down for Baidu) in the
next two quarters, as per Baidu's guidance. Search
user share, ie the percentage of end-users searching
using Baidu, should not go down because of the
Phoenix switch.

Wireless client software

Baidu is seemingly inviting its employees to test a new
smart-phone version of Baidu search, with Post Bar
and Baidu Knows Q&A included. The software is
expected to be free.

Analysts: RBC cuts estimates for Q4 and 2010

Analyst Stephen Ju expected a gradual transition
to Phoenix, given what management had told him
in mid September. Expects Baidu to struggle over
the next two quarters, with slower customer signups
and slower ARPU growth. Cuts Q4 09 pro forma
EPS estimate to $6.34 from $6.44, and 2010 estimate
from $10.44 to $8.88 (almost 15%).

Analysts: Pali's Hou on Baidu's sales outlook

Tian Hou believes Baidu's growth is tied to China's
GDP growth, which should be solid this quarter and
next year. Believes the Phoenix Nest transition dip
in revenue is a one time thing. Expectations of over
60% year-over-year growth misplaced. Expects
Baidu to maintain dominance in the near term.
Also believes Baidu will be able to have low expenses
in the General and Administrative categories, but not
in R&D (being a tech company) and marketing (since
their customers are largely SMEs, they need a large
sales force to have a reasonable sales:customer ratio).

Analysts: S&P upgrades from Strong Sell to Sell

Price target moved up from $265 to $350.

Analysts: Morgan Stanley, CS, Deutsche Bank

Morgan Stanley maintained Equal-weight rating.
Credit Suisse reiterated Underperform rating,
and reduced price target from $290 to $263.
Deutsche Bank maintained Hold rating and
$411 price target.

Analysts: Oppenheimer maintains rating, more from Susquehanna

"We believe the transition will result in short-term
pain but long-term gain in terms of monetization as
(Phoenix Nest) increases the matching of more
relevant paid links resulting in higher click-through
rates," wrote Paul Keung, an analyst with
Oppenheimer & Co., in a note to investors. He kept
a "Perform" rating on Baidu.

Susquehanna analyst C. Ming Zhao said while the
company's decision to force its customers to migrate to
the new ad system will sacrifice its growth in the next
couple of quarters, the payoff will be "healthier and
more sustainable growth in the future."

The analyst expects Baidu to resume its "solid growth
trend" in the second quarter of 2010.

GS, JP, Susquehanna, Bernstein lower PT, keep buy ratings

"With only 36 days to move about 80 percent of
revenue to the new bidding system and
customer-to-sales ratio of only around 60:1, we
believe earnings volatility in the fourth quarter of
2009/first quarter of 2010 could be high," analysts
at J.P.Morgan Securities wrote in a note to clients.
On the other hand, a shorter transition time will
likely gather stronger momentum, creating a sense
of urgency for customers to switch, JP Morgan
analysts said. Baidu's Phoenix Nest technology,
introduced in April, is an overhaul of the company's
keyword advertising bidding system
and is expected to improve Baidu's monetization of its
search results. The Phoenix Nest bidding system is a
more advanced system and is likely to bring higher
return on investments to customers and revenue to
Baidu, JP Morgan analysts said. The company's growth
is expected to accelerate in the second quarter of
next year, around six months after the full transition to
the Phoenix Nest bidding system, they added, and
urged investors to add Baidu shares on weakness for
long-term benefits of Phoenix Nest. Separately, Goldman
Sachs analysts said Baidu's decision to discontinue the old
bidding system by Dec. 1 is strategically justifiable, as
running two bidding systems in parallel is logistically
complex, confusing for advertisers, and weakens the
bidding process. Still, Goldman analysts expressed
disappointment as management did not communicate the
risks around a faster transition to investors sooner.

The table below lists the price target changes on Baidu:

Brokerage: New PT: Prior PT: Rating
Bernstein 420 460 Outperform
Goldman Sachs 435 455 Buy
JP Morgan 460 480 Overweight
Susquehanna 450 380 Positive

Monday, October 26, 2009

Analyst comments AFTER earnings

The weak fourth-quarter guidance came as a surprise,
but in the longer term, the better efficiencies from
Phoenix Nest, which works similar to Google's AdWords,
should benefit the company, said JP Morgan analyst
Dick Wei.

"It is just short term pain, the long term fundamentals
of the company are still strong," he said.

Pacific Crest's Weinstein echoed the same sentiment,
pointing out the Q3 results have been very strong.
He believes the company's fundamentals are solid.

Search-based ads are cheaper than other forms of
advertising, which makes them popular with small
businesses in China that are just catching on to the
Internet, says Rob Lutts, chief investment officer and
president of Cabot Money Management, a $450 million
fund and Baidu shareholder.

"The key drivers for this company are just starting to
lock into gear," he said. "These are small to medium-sized
businesses of anywhere between 50 and 500 employees,
and they are just starting to use the Internet."

Analyst comments BEFORE earnings: RBC, Nomura

RBC reiterated outperform raising PT from $339 to $484,
*before* earnings were released. Nomura maintained a sell,
both before and after earnings, maintaining margins were
likely to fall, and the stock probably going to $320.

Switching over completely to Phoenix Nest by Dec 1

Expects a hit in revenue for about 2 quarters following
that. Around 70% of customers now use Phoenix Nest,
but only 20% of revenue is from it. The top left panel
ad is managed totally by Phoenix Nest, with some right
side keywords also managed by it. Most of the Phoenix
Nest revenue is from the top left panel ads.

Baidu had a somewhat similar change to its PayPerClick
algorithm almost exactly 3 years ago. Taking a short-term
revenue hit to position for medium-term market share.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pali positive on Baidu

Profit “could be better than the consensus of
$1.78,” said Tian Hou, a New York-based analyst
at Pali Capital Inc., in a research report today.
Revenue will come in “above consensus and in line
with our estimate, driven by an increased sales
penetration as well as China’s economic recovery,”
she wrote. Hou forecast profit of $1.97 a share.
Left rating at Neutral.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ABN Amro raises PT to $470

Reiterating Buy rating, just two days after their
prior call.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sanford Bernstein reiterates outperform

Price target raised by the analyst, Jeff Lindsay,
to $460 from $400.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Partnership with NetEase

NetEase users can now directly login to NetEase's
email accounts such as, and by searching via Baidu, and using the
Baidu login.

Tie-up with China Unicom

Baidu will be the default browser on 3G mobile
handsets sold by China Unicom (including the
iPhone). This complements Baidu's partnership
with China Telecom.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baidu Union Promotion

Baidu is adding a new service,
"Baidu Union Promotion" ("Wangmeng Tuiguang"),
on October 13 to the professional version of its bid
ranking system, "Phoenix Nest." The new service
assists advertising clients in displaying their text,
image or flash ads on the 300,000 websites of
Baidu's advertising alliance Baidu Union, and allows
advertisers to activate or inactivate the function for
each individual ad plan that they have created in the
professional system. By default, the service is enabled.

Moving into B2C

Baidu has a new channel on its ecommerce site,, "Ming Pin" (meaning "brand"),
the URL being

It supports payment on delivery, and refunds
with an allowed time of 7 days.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Deutsche Bank downgrades to Hold from Buy

Price target reduced to $411 from $426 by Alan
Hellawell. Hellawell says the China-based
Internet search engine company’s stock price
“has accurately factored in near-term catalysts
and potential for upside is limited.” The analyst
adds in a research note that an “extensive round
of channel checks” ahead of Q3 results with leading
ad brokers and consultants finds that the company
may have met the low end of prior Q3 guidance.
“We believe scope for surprise in average ad spend
and margins to be limited,” he writes.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Analyst action: CS, CLSA, Citi

Credit Suisse reiterates underperform, raising price
target from $245 to $290.

Credit Lyonnaise raises PT to $480, in a co-ordinated
move with Citi, which raised its PT to the same number.
These are the street-high estimates as of now.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Oppenheimer comments from last week

BIDU is expected to report 3Q in mid-October.
We expect revs of $188M (high end of $184M-189M
guidance), above consensus of $186M, led by strong
growth in spend per customer. We expect GAAP
EPS of $1.80 vs. cons. of $1.77. Our checks suggest
meaningful growth in search, esp. FMCG
(incl. pharma/healthcare), a key segment for
BIDU. Based on CR Nielsen's stats, 2Q overall
ad spending was $22Bn (+17% Y/Y, +23% Q/Q).
However, investors are likely to focus on FY10
estimates, which mgt implied are aggressive vs.
current trends. We raise our '10 revs/EPS by
9% (+40% Y/Y)/16% (+43% Y/Y), respectively
on improved economic and ad spending outlook,
but are below consensus by 1% (+42% Y/Y)/
1.7% (+46% Y/Y), respectively.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

B2C initiatives

Baidu is creating a B2C online shopping partnership with almost
100 SMEs. The "Morning Star 100" project provides B2C search
sales services to the businesses.

Separately, the company has added a B2C e-commerce
platform to, called the "Window of Japan".
It provides items from Nissen's e-commerce subsidiary,
Navibird, sold through their online retail website As the name implies, the site is aimed at
tapping into China/Japan trade.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baidu launching wireless search in Japan

"We are very excited to launch wireless search in Japan,
where we believe there is huge demand for a high quality
wireless search service," said Xuyang Ren, Baidu's
Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.
"With the launch of this beta wireless search service we
hope to give users in Japan a convenient tool for finding
the information they need. We look forward to developing
this service further and tuning it to user preferences over
the coming months."

Memo alerts and instant screen clear added to Baidu 'Hi'

Oppenheimer maintains perform rating

after estimating Q3 results. Equivalent to neutral.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

RMB 100 million ad promotion

Baidu plans to give away display space valued at a
total of RMB 100 million in the sponsored links
section of its image search results to purchasers
of its search promotion service before October 31,
reports Nanfang Daily. Purchasers will receive
display space valued at up to RMB 10,000 each
for 60 days, the report said.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Search database has quadrupled in 6 months

On the back of 'Aladdin' which trolls the deep
web and also collects dynamically changing

B2C partnership with 20 major brands

Retailer Suning, Samsung, Haier, sportswear brand
Li-Ning, glasses maker Baodao Optical, Japanese
paint-maker Nissen, L'Oreal, online medicine
retailer, Phoenix New Media internet
portal, and educational services provider
New Oriental, among others. Baidu provides
search engine marketing (SEM) services to the

Monday, September 21, 2009

CNNIC report on search engine usage in H1 2009

The 2009 Report on Chinese Search User Behavior,
released today by the China Internet Network
Information Center (CNNIC), shows that as of the
end of June 2009, China was home to 235 mln search
engine users, up by 59.49 mln users, or 34%, from
June 2008. Search engine use among Chinese
Internet users rose to 69.4%. By the end of 2009, the
report predicts, the number of search engine users in
China will rise to 260 mln. City and township users and
rural users of search engines split 76.6% and 23.4%
respectively, with 180 mln search engine users coming
from city and township areas, and approximately
55 mln from rural regions. 74.1% of city and township
Internet users and 57.5% of rural Internet users use
search engines. As of the end of June, China was home
to approximately 155 mln mobile Internet users.
Mobile search was the second most commonly used
mobile Internet application, with 26.2% penetration,
or 40.74 mln users, accounting for 17.4% of overall
search engine use. Of the 56.77 mln predicted users
of 3G in H2 2009, up to 21.74 mln, or 38.3%, could
use 3G mobile search services.

Baqidu had 92.9% market penetration, and Google 32.7%.
Sohu's search engine Sogou, China Yahoo, Tencent (0700.HK)
Soso, Microsoft Bing, and Netease Youdao had 26.9%, 22.0%,
13.0%, 6.3%, and 5.1% penetration, respectively. (Penetration
is calculated as the percentage of all search users users who
had made use of a given search engine.) 77.2% of users said
Baidu was their first choice for search, with 12.7% choosing
Google, 3.1% choosing Soso, 2.4% choosing Sogou, and
1.6% choosing China Yahoo.

Music was the most commonly
searched form of non-text content, with 39.5% of users
having searched for music. Movies, videos, and games
followed, with 30.3%, 13.7%, and 16.5% of users,
respectively. Baidu led in user loyalty, with 94.8% of its users.
Google, Soso, China Yahoo, and Sogou followed with
80%, 78%, 75%, and 53% respectively. User loyalty is
determined by the percentage of users who most commonly
used a given brand six months ago who continue to prefer
the brand. 67.2% of search engine users said they
"never click" search advertisements. 31.4% said they
did click.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Phoenix Nest transition to be drawn out

VP of commercial operations, Chen Haoyu, says once
half the customers migrate to Phoenix Nest, keywords
would be gradually withdrawn from the old system.
The full transition is expected to take a few years.

Baidu is not planning to double its sale force soon, and
would gradually grow marketing, as per Chen. The sales
team is currently 3600 strong.

Tieup with Xinhua

Baidu is developing a multimedia storage room for
Xinhua News Agency in a strategic partnership
formed September 17, reports

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recruiting 600 fresh grads

Baidu plans to begin its 2009 campus tour to recruit
roughly 600 graduates for its 14 core technology
departments, reports Sohu. Baidu COO Ye Peng
plans to speak to Beijing-based grads on
September 15.

Deutsche bank reiterates buy, PT $426

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baidu might be getting into the mobile browser market

The firm is recruiting two engineers with experience
on mobile OS-es such as Symbian, Windows and others.

GS reiterates conviction buy, raises PT to $455

Highest on the street. Firm believes Baidu's coverage
ratios will rise to match Google and Yahoo at around
50 to 60%. Currently it is at around 20%, and GS
believes Phoenix Nest will help improve the ratio.
Paid search in China is expected to rise to 0.07% of
GDP by 2013, with Baidu maintaining its market

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Robin Li is in the US for a two-week visit

On September 14, Mr. Li will speak at the
U.S.-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum
in Chicago. He will also visit U.S. high-tech companies
including Amazon and Twitter, and speak at
Stanford University and Columbia University.
According to Baidu's spokesperson, Mr. Li will also
try to attract top technology talent to work at Baidu.

Those in or around the Bay area (CA) can catch him
at Stanford on Sep 23rd, Wednesday, at 4:30 PM. He
will be speaking at Hewlett 200, the Electrical Engineering
building next to the Computer Science one, Gates.

Stanford Event

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Over 800,000 keywords moved over to Phoenix Nest

Companies are being informed of the switchover to
Phoenix Nest, with keywords getting completely
taken out of the old system.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tie-up with CAS

Baidu is donating servers to the Chinese Academy of Sciences
(CAS), China's prestigious research oversight organization.
The company plans to work with CAS to develop new computing
technology to suit China's massive scaling needs.

Crackdown on foreign music: Ministry of Culture

China is planning to culturally sensor online music, with
contents to be vetted by the Ministry of Culture. Looks
like political and porn content are likely to be filtered.
The MoC explicitly stated music content provided by
Baidu is in accord with the directive.

Pali research, meanwhile, says Baidu is going to be
affected by the action since, per them, 80% of Baidu's
traffic is from MP3 search.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baidu added to Dow Jones BRIC-50 Index

Will be part of the index from Friday, Sep 18th.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Management tool released on Youa

Marbridge daily report:

Chinese search company Baidu has officially released a
frequent-customer management tool for sellers on YouA,
Baidu's C2C and B2C e-commerce platform, to help sellers
establish relationships with their customers. Customers
who subscribe to information updates on various products
can interact in real-time with sellers of interest. The tool
also enables sellers to see which customers bought goods
through their store, along with each customer's detailed
transaction information. One of the tool's marketing
features allows sellers to select up to 9 goods at a time
for promotion to previous customers. The tool also
includes automated contact features that will send
customers birthday wishes, after-sales reminders and
other automated greetings.

Linekong teams up with Baidu to promote online game

The game is hero, a turn-based online game, with
a historical motif.

New online ad management system rolled out

Baidu has opened the official site for its free online
ad management system at for
alpha testing, limited to members of Baidu
Union. The tools available include ad placement
management and adcontent hosting.

Ginde wins lawsuit against Baidu

The Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group (
won a lawsuit against Baidu, for allowing searches of its
brand name to return articles with negative recommendations.
The Beijing Haidian District People's court considered that
infringing on Ginde's trademark rights, though Baidu argued
its search technology automatically matches queries to links
users have visited with high frequency.

The court did not impose a fine or order compensation to be
paid. Baidu is to display an apology on its website for 3 days,
instead. Baidu is appealing the ruling.

Analysys: Baidu/Google tied in mobile search market share

In terms of volume, both Baidu and Google are at around
25% with smaller players 3GYY, Yicha and Easou all
around 10% each, in Q2 2009. Total search volume was
around 272 million requests, increasing 120% year over
year. That compares to 10 billion requests for computer-based
online search in China.

Page views reached 909 million in the same period, and here
Baidu's share is at 33.7%, well ahead of Google's 19%. Google's
traffic is likely from tie-ups with China Mobile, and Sina. Baidu
has tied up with Nokia, Samsung, Haier and China Unicom.

UBS reiterates neutral rating

Price target at $380.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baidu Union revenue sharing changes

Baidu Union will share between 30% and 50% of
ad revenue with sites containing Baidu search
functions. The exact percentage depends on the
cooperation model, traffic, effect and duration.
The current scheme sets the sharing at 40% if
the site records between 5000 and 20,000 daily
searches and 50% for more average daily searches.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Phoenix Nest likely to boost revenue this quarter

as per the CEO, Yanhong Li, speaking at Baidu World.

Piper Jaffray has come out with a positive note on
Baidu, pointing out the news from Baidu world would
boost the stock this week.

Baiduworld: x2c strategy, mobile search, Phoenix Nest

Li Mingyuan, GM of Baidu's (Nasdaq: BIDU)
e-commerce division, announced the internet
company's new, x2C-based e-commerce strategy
at today's 2009 Baidu World Conference, as well
as Baidu's new "Feng Ming (Phoenix Call) Plan,"
"Fangzhou (Ark) Plan," and "Bretton Woods Plan."
Li says the "Ark" plan and "Bretton Woods" plan
primarily target the "C" (consumer) portion of
Baidu's market; the former aims to create a complete
online shopping experience, while the latter relates to
Baidu's ongoing efforts to perfect the credit system
for its "YouA" B2C platform. The "Phoenix Call" plan
is a portion of Baidu's x2C strategy, primarily
targeting the "x" part of the equation. Under the plan,
YouA will attract a number of online stores and
individual brands, as well as enterprises capable of
providing superior products and services.

Ren Xuyang, VP of marketing and business development,
said that mobile internet is Baidu's next strategic focus.
Baidu's current mobile offerings are based on existing
products such as its online search and SNS, which it
modifies for use on handsets. Baidu has established
strategic relationships with China Unicom and
China Telecom to pre-install Baidu's search services on
handsets from vendors including Nokia, Samsung and

Baidu unveiled its intelligent search engine, called the
"One Box" (Chinese name: Frame Calculator) at the
Technology Innovation Conference on August 18,
TechWeb reports. Baidu CEO and Chairman Robin Li
said that the new function returns links to the most
appropriate applications and content providers rather
than returning literal word-matches. For example, if a
person searches for "uplifting mp3," the engine will
return links to music providers, Li said.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New stats platform, maps on Q&A channel

Yanhong Li plans to announce a new statistics
platform, "Si nan" (compass) at the Baidu Technology
Innovation Conference, to be held in Beijing from
August 18, reports National Business Daily.

Baidu Knows now allows users to include maps in
answers on the interactive Q&A channel.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mecox Lane sues Baidu

Shanghai-based Mecox Lane International Mailorder
has sued Baidu and online and telephone-based men's
clothing retailer Vancl in the Pudong District People's Court
for compensation of RMB 500,000 each, reports Vancl has usurped the ad-space on
Baidu searches of Mecox Lane's Chinese
company name and web address,

Post bar to be managed as a separate department

Baidu Enterprise Marketing Director Shu Xun will serve
as general manager of the department in charge of
product R&D, service operation, brand promotion and
business models.

Youa offers fourth channel - Beauty products

The previous three are women's, digital products,
and home-related.

Around 100,000 customers use Phoenix Nest

at least for some keywords. That is roughly 60%
of the total. Also Baidu is likely to announce its
move into B2C at the Baidu Technology Conference
on Aug 18th.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

User share at 74.5%: iResearch

... for Q2 09, up 1.5 percentage points from Q1.
Google's share falls 1.1% to 19.8. In rural China,
Baidu is about the only player. Some people
use Google China for English searches.

Analysys found a rise of 2.6% for Baidu and a fall
of 1.5% for Google in Q2, from Q1. Comscore believes
Baidu is now the #2 ranked search engine in the
world, ahead of Yahoo. Comscore's number looks to
be inaccurate for China, underrepresenting the
total search volume.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Promoting Samsung products via e-commerce site

Baidu will provide a suite of B2c services on youa to
promote Samsung's online shop:
Similar agreements with other major vendors are
expected in the near future.

Search market share at 81.9% per DCCI

The figure for the 08 DCCI survey was 69%. Google
China is now second, and Tencent's Soso, third. On
average, in H1 09, China's approximately 350 million
web users logged on twice a month onto

Monday, August 3, 2009

Verifying credibility of brick-and-mortar stores on Youa

Sellers who provide after-sales service via offline
stores will have to provide business and property
licence info, and pictures of the physical store.

UBS upgrades from Sell to Neutral

PT from $150 to $380.

The analyst, Wenlin Li, compares the average spending
of a Baidu customer, $2500/year, to that of Google,
$16000/year. Google's margins rose as its business
scaled, and the same is likely for Baidu as well. Li is
estimating 2009 revenue of 4.5 billion RMB, with 2010
and 2011 estimates being boosted by 33 and 38%. Gross
profit is also being revised up, 60% each for the next 2
years. Net profit revised up by 40%. Largely because
Phoenix Nest did not have the detrimental impact the
analyst had feared.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Youa layout changed

Baidu is updating Youa's product information
database and layout, Sohu reports. The new
page uses tabs for basic description, specs,
pictures, complaints and comments.

Youa also announced the "Ark Project" to set up
and deploy a standard product database containing
product specifications, user reviews, online purchasing,
price quotes, evaluations and information on related
accessories. The database will include standard price
ranges, but model numbers not included in the
database cannot be sold by merchants on the YouA
platform. A spokesperson for Baidu YouA saidd that
the "Ark Project" is an open-source project that will
draw on the information resources of YouA and other
B2C platforms, informative websites and the
Baidu Knows community to build up the database.

More analyst action: DB, JPM, Nomura, CS

Deutsche upped PT from $374 to $408.
Deutsche Bank said they got a peek into the black box,
conducting an on-line, interactive tutorial of Baidu's
many properties and services. Deutsche Bank said
they have also concluded that pricing continues to
improve, and that market share should be
steady-to-up. The firm also raised their 2009/2010 EPS
by 2% and 5% to $6.48 and $10.48, respectively.

JPM's Dick Wei sets a PT of $390. Expects revenue to
grow 40 to 50% for the next couple of years.

"Baidu has a significant lead in market share, there is
only 25 percent penetration and people know the brand,"
said Wei. "The share price still has room to rise." Wei
says Baidu is one of J.P. Morgan's top picks in the sector
and recommends an overweight for the stock.

Nomura downgraded from "neutral" to "reduce" with a PT
of $311.3.
"It is trading at a premium to pre-financial crisis valuations,"
said Jin Yoon, an analyst at Nomura International. "Where
does the stock go from here? Its overheated", it's a case of
liking the company but not the stock, said Yoon. "The
company is still highly correlated to the broader economy,
which is not out of the woods yet," said Yoon.

Credit Suisse says Baidu is expensive and has a target price
of $248, implying a PE ratio of 39 times forecast
2009 earnings. Credit Suisse reckons traffic acquisition
cost (TAC) -- a key barometer of profit margins -- as a
percent of total gross revenue rose 16.0 percent in second
quarter, from 12.7 percent a year earlier, and could hit
17.3 percent in 2010. ($=6.83 yuan)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Teaming up with Discovery China

A new subdomain, with ads,
added for Discovery Channel, China. Revenue
sharing as per TAC agreements.

Analysys on Q2 09: Baidu at 61%

Google at 29 plus %, revenue market share (not
user search share). Google has dropped from 30-plus,
and Baidu has climbed from 59% in Q1 09.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The many faces of the monopoly

Baidu currently has a total of 332 subdomains (,
divided into 3 main categories. (Courtesty kissbaidu).

179 categories of products and services: (subdomains)

1 Baidu top-level domain
2 Baidu Post Bar
3 Baidu Post Bar
4 Baidu Post Bar
5 Baidu Post Bar (WAP version)
6 Baidu Post Bar (used)
7 Baidu mp3 search
8 Baidu mp3 search
9 Baidu mp3 search
10 Baidu Image Search
11 Baidu Image Search
12 Baidu E-mail news subscription
13 Baidu News
14 Baidu News
15 Baidu Knows
16 Baidu Knows
17 Baidu Knows
18 Baidu Space
19 Baidu Space
20 Baidu Encyclopedia
21 Baidu Encyclopedia
22 Baidu Regards
23 Baidu Index
24 Baidu search engine ranking system bid
25 Baidu bid
26 Baidu Television
27 Baidu Zip Code
28 Baidu map
29 Baidu search area
31 Baidu Guoxue
32 Baidu Dictionary
33 Baidu document search
34 Baidu Mobile Entertainment
35 found Baidu Super Pa
36 Baidu flash search
37 Baidu website
38 Baidu mobile search
39 Baidu phone
40 Baidu search partners
41 Baidu Search Yellow Pages
42 Pass Baidu - Baidu User Login
43 Baidu currency
44 Baidu search government web sites
45 Baidu education Site Search
46 Children Baidu search
47 Baidu search the hard disk
48 Baidu can do more for you (under Baidu Bar)
49 Baidu snapshot (can not directly open) sample
50 popular Baidu search
51 University Baidu search
52 legal Baidu search
53 Baidu Search WAP version
54 Baidu search PDA Version
55 Baidu search Traditional - Hong Kong
56 Traditional Baidu Search - Taiwan
57 Union Baidu search
58 site Baidu Chinese products list
59 Pa Baidu custom search button
61 WAP version hao123
62 permit personal message Baidu domain
63 Baidu Space
64 Baidu LOGO
65 Baidu Post Bar
66 Baidu Search Home
67 Baidu map
68 Baidu Home
69 Baidu Space
70 Baidu Knows
71 Baidu information
72 Baidu Knows (WAP version)
73 Baidu Index
74 head Baidu MP3
75 Baidu map
76 albums Baidu space domain
77 Baidu Space album pictures
79 Baidu picture album dedicated space
80 Baidu film and television
81 Baidu Television
82 Baidu collection
83 Baidu collection
84 Baidu collection
85 Baidu collection
86 Baidu collection
87 Baidu collection
88 Baidu collection
89 Baidu pictures
90 Baidu ads dedicated second-level domain names
91 Baidu blog search
92 Baidu Search submit blog
93 Baidu picture storage
94 Baidu search-related domain
95 Baidu secondary domain name information
96 Baidu Encyclopedia another secondary domain name
97 Baidu Music Box
98 Baidu video search
99 Baidu video search
100 Baidu video search
101 Baidu video search
102 Baidu video search
103 Baidu video search
104 Baidu video search
105 data Baidu search keyword detection, statistics
106 data Baidu search keyword detection, statistics
107 Baidu Knows
108 Baidu Japan site
109 Center for Baidu personal friends
110 Baidu Industry Report
111 Baidu Book Search
112 Baidu Book Search
113 Baidu Book Search
114 Baidu blind road
115 Baidu Space WAP phone version
116 Baidu Space WAP phone version
117 Baidu MP3 search;
118 antivirus Baidu channels;
119 Baidu Image Search Thumbnails
120 voting system Baidu Post Bar
121 Baidu Industry Report
122 Baidu Knows
123 culture Baidu search
124 Baidu Game Channel
125 Baidu Game Channel
126 game Baidu Channel
127 Baidu玩吧
128 Baidu phone search results
129 Baidu Financial Channel
130 Baidu Financial Channel
131 Baidu Financial Channel
132 Baidu Financial Channel
133 Baidu TV picture exclusive domain
134 Television Baidu - Baidu interactive television
135 Baidu search statistics
136 Baidu Financial Channel
137 Baidu Post Bar online video
138 Baidu Financial Channel
139 Baidu Patent Search
140 Baidu Patent Search
141 Baidu Patent Search
142 Baidu dedicated space to display the secondary domain name template
143 Baidu entertainment channel;
144 Baidu Post Bar album picture address
145 Baidu Image Search Thumbnails
146 Baidu Image Search Thumbnails
147 Baidu Image Search Thumbnails
148 Baidu Image Search Thumbnails
149 Baidu Image Search Thumbnails
150 Baidu Image Search Thumbnails
151 Baidu Image Search Thumbnails
152 Baidu entertainment channel;
153 Baidu entertainment channel;
154 Biadu Post Bar video-specific
155 Baidu entertainment channel;
156 Baidu Knows - Knowledge head;
157 Baidu Security Center;
158 Baidu entertainment channel - television program;
159 Baidu Hi;
160 Baidu voice search;
160 Baidu Personalized Home;
161 Baidu Toolbar;
162 Baidu Toolbar;
163 Baidu Hi friends, can not directly open the sample>>
166 FU Bao-100;
167 Baidu first new song;
168 bid Baidu search engine ranking system
169 Baidu brand area
170 prompted Baidu error page
171 Baidu window;
172 Baidu space in the "personal files" page
173 Futures - Financial Network Baidu and hearing
174 Exchange - Baidu Hexun Financial Network
175 bonds - Baidu Hexun Financial Network
176 gold - Baidu Hexun Financial Network
177 Bank - Financial Network Baidu and hearing
178 insurance - Baidu Hexun Financial Network
179 Baidu MP3 Search
180 on Baidu
180 Baidu mobile search

Market category: 119 subdomains

1 Baidu pan-Media Alliance
2 Baidu recruitment
3 Baidu prerelease music group
4 Baidu music head
5 Baidu Star Programming Contest
6 company Baidu Beijing mail domain name
7 Baidu ranked bid Shanghai Branch
8 Baidu charity
9 (Baidu only open-house)
10 (Baidu only open-house)
12 Baidu surveys sample
14 Investor Relations site
15 Baidu Corporation,
16 Baidu Chinese people around the world
17 Baidu hot zone
18 road Xuanzang
19 Baidu phone tracking system
20 Voting
21 Baidu-mail landing system
22 Baidu-mail landing system
23 Baidu-mail landing system
24 Baidu World
25 Make-up Design Competition
26 internal forum
27 Baidu E-mail system
28 Baidu E-mail system
29 Baidu E-mail system
30 Baidu E-mail system
31 antivirus Baidu Channel
32 Baidu Post Bar Master Plan
33 Baidu customer service system
34 Baidu Alliance certification;
36 Baidu advertising picture, Flash storage secondary domain name
37 Baidu CCTV joint venture
39 Baidu SMS New Year Blessing, 2007 poll
40 Baidu AStar2006 Star Programming Contest;
41 Baidu advertising
42 Baidu activities;
43 Baidu e-mail domain
07 type I show my exclusive business platform into Baidu network;
45 Baidu Union summit in 2007;
46 Baidu boiling point;
47 Union Baidu wireless ads
48 Union Baidu wireless ads
49 Baidu Baidu Internal HR
50 Baidu Knows
51 Baidu ads statistical systems;
52 Baidu advertising statistics
53 Baidu Post Bar
54 trip Xingzhi;
55 Baidu Alliance certification;
56 Baidu Union members
57 Baidu auction message board system
58 Yuanmingyuan relics search
59 questionnaire
60 Baidu ads statistical system
61 Baidu activities
62 Baidu interactive marketing centers;
63 Baidu campaign
64 Baidu Olympics
65 Baidu Card;
66 Baidu TV;
67 Baidu jointly with the Eastern Star
68 Baidu campaign
69 Baidu Homepage for people
70 Baidu prerelease music group
71 Baidu Union Statistics
72 Moto Q cell phone ad in Baidu;
73 Baidu dedicated statistical presentation;
74 Baidu Online World of Art;
75 Baidu Disney theme;
76 Forever Shawn;
77 Baidu Alliance certification;
78 A Dream" film advertising;
79 Baidu Home People dedicated domain name;
80 Haier love the Olympic torch relay;
81 Game related
83 on Baidu (English);
84 Baidu boiling point (Post bar)
85 Baidu Haier streaming media channels;
86 Baidu customer management system;
87 Baidu Herald Tribune;
89 Baidu small orange light;
90 songs for the 2008 Music Festival
91 Internet trading platform
92 Baidu statistical systems;
93 Baidu Adidas Club
94 Baidu Campus Recruitment
95 Baidu 2008 presentation ceremony
96 Baidu content network
97 2009 essay on Baidu
98 Baidu Japan cell phone rental services
98 Baidu wishes you well hi-linked
99 China Nike High School Football League 2008-09
100 2009 Encyclopedia
101 Baidu ranked bid
102 Baidu Tourism
103 Baidu Search open platform
104 Baidu Search open platform
105 Baidu Search open platform
106 Baidu Search open platform
107 Baidu iSmart intelligent interaction
108 Baidu corporate social responsibility
109 Baidu landing page
110 Baidu internal collaboration system
111 Jump Baidu statistics
112 Baidu Survey
113 Baidu Building
114 Baidu music school
115 blue sky 365
116 Baidu information for rural innovation contest
117 Baidu Sales Management System
118 Baidu sales management system, entrance
119 Baidu train
119 Baidu Key words price inquiries, the entrance
120 Baidu Promotion Support Center

Area Search Category: 34 subdomains/regions

1 region Baidu Search - Hunan
2 Baidu search region - Tibet
3 region Baidu Search - Hebei
4 region Baidu Search - Liaoning
5 region Baidu Search - Jilin
6 region Baidu Search - Sichuan
7 region Baidu Search - Jiangxi
8 Baidu search area - Chongqing
9 region Baidu Search - Gansu
10 region Baidu Search - Guangdong
11 Baidu search area - Tianjin
12 region Baidu Search - Zhejiang
13 Baidu search area - Henan
14 Baidu search area - Guizhou
15 Baidu search region - Guangxi
16 region Baidu search - Inner Mongolia
17 Baidu search area - Fujian
18 Baidu search region - Xinjiang
19 Baidu search region - Shanxi
20 region Baidu search - in Qinghai
21 region Baidu Search - Jiangsu
22 Baidu search region - Yunnan
23 Baidu search area - Shandong
24 Baidu search area - Hubei
25 Baidu search area - Shanghai
26 Baidu search area - Beijing
27 region Baidu Search - Shaanxi
28 Baidu search area - Anhui
29 Baidu search area - Hainan
30 Baidu search area - Ningxia
31 Baidu search area - Heilongjiang
32 Baidu search region - Hong Kong
33 region Baidu Search - Taiwan
34 Baidu search area - Macau