Friday, January 25, 2008

Analyzing analysys estimates

Analysys has a mixed history with its estimates.
Here are their previous 3 estimates for 2007 in
the format

Quarter: Quarter under consideration
Total search: Total search revenue
Baidu share: Baidu's share (percentage share)
Baidu reported: Numbers actually reported later

Quarter: Q1 2007
Total search: RMB 492.8 million
Baidu share: RMB 280.90 million (57%)
Baidu reported: RMB 275.6 million

Quarter: Q2 2007
Total search: RMB 657.5 million
Baidu share: RMB 382.53 million (58.1%)
Baidu reported: RMB 401.3 million

Quarter: Q3 2007
Total search: RMB 824.5 million
Baidu share: RMB 498.82 million (60.5%)
Baidu reported: RMB 496.5 million

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