Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Teaming up with Japanese mobile provider

Japanese mobile provider Willcom Inc. said Tuesday
it will provide information services for Chinese
visitors to Japan in cooperation with Baidu, China's
largest search engine.

As a first step, the Japanese personal handy-phone
system operator will start leasing its handsets to
Chinese tourists and business travelers by the end
of this year. The two companies will also cooperate
in launching Chinese-language call center operations.

The number of Chinese visitors to Japan reached an
all-time high of 943,400 last year, but there is
only a limited amount of information available for
Chinese people visiting Japan, they said.

In the future, the two companies plan to provide
shopping and restaurant information in Chinese via
Willcom's handsets.

A Baidu official said it is considering distributing
Chinese-language content on the PHS network if
relations with its Japanese partner further strengthen.

With the partnership, Baidu aims to expand its
operations in Japan, while Willcom hopes to popularize
its PHS mobile network system in other Asian countries,
including China.

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