Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baidu's search user market share increases leads China's search engine market in
2008 with its market share hitting 65. 8 percent,
according to a survey conducted by China
IntelliConsulting Corporation (CIC).

Google ranked second at 22 percent, and
Sogou, at 2.9 percent, exceeded Yahoo!
to take the third place.

The following is a table showing the
detailed market share of Google and Baidu
in different parts of China.

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou: 27% 60.9%

Coastal Cities: 21.3% 67.9%
Dalian Tianjin Qingdao Nanjing Hangzhou
Xiamen Shenzhen

Provincial Capitals 16.1% 72.2% in Middle
China: Changsha Wuhan Zhengzhou Shijiazhuang

Major Cities in West 16.1% 68.3%
Chengdu Chongqing Xi'an

In Beijing and Shanghai, Baidu's market share
dropped by 2.5 and 1. 2 percentage points,
respectively, while in Guangzhou, it increased by
2.2 percentage points.

On the contrary, Google's market share went up 2.7
and 0.6 percentage points, respectively, in Beijing
and Shanghai, and declined 5.3 percentage points
in Guangzhou.

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