Monday, September 29, 2008

C2C platform launching at the end of the year

Li Mingyuan, general manager of the e-commerce
department of, said on September 25
that the company was through its last stop of
the roadshow of attracting businesses for its
C2C platform in Shanghai. And Baidu will
officially put the C2C platform into operation
at the end of this year.

Baidu has been luring businesses in big cities
like Beijing, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Nanjing, and
Shanghai. And it has reached thousands
of local sellers in these cities.

Spokesperson for said that Baidu hoped
its C2C platform can gather more big sellers.
This round it is expected to enlist Taobao sellers
with three diamonds and above.

Baidu says that it does not hope to undermine
the foundation of, the biggest C2C
website in China, it just wants more Taobao
sellers to set up online stores on its platform
at the same time. And in the future, it will
enlist more online sellers.

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