Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baidu threatens to sue Alibaba over false news

Alibaba Group published postings on September 14
with misleading titles about Baidu's "PR protection
agreement" with food product manufacturer Sanlu on
the websites of Taobao and Alibaba, reports Sohu.
The reports said Sanlu milk powder planned to sign
a RMB 3 million advertising agreement with Baidu
if Baidu would remove Sanlu's negative search results.
Baidu said it retains the right to sue Alibaba Group
for defamation, the report said. Baidu also announced
on its online forum channel Baidu Post Bar on
September 13 that it refused to sign Sanlu's proposed
PR protection agreement.

Alibaba Group welcomed the Baidu lawsuit and said that
revealing truth to the public is its responsibility,
reports Sina. Alibaba deleted the reports on Tuesday
night from the and Ltd. homepages,
reports ChinaByte.

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