Friday, February 20, 2009

Youa cleans up fake brands, the Internet shopping platform launched
by Baidu, has announced the first batch of 15 stores that
have been closed because they were selling counterfeit
branded clothing. This move is a part of Baidu's special
action called Spring Thunder, which will last from
February 17 until March 31, 2009. During this period, will publish the list of the punished
sellers in its online forum each day. This special action
targets sellers who violate the regulations of the platform
and sell fake goods to consumers. Once the website gains
proof about the selling of fake goods, the sellers will be
listed on a credit blacklist and when the number or value
of the sold fake goods accumulates to a certain amount,
these sellers will be eliminated from
permanently. A representative from
told local media that since the platform has been launched,
its trading volume continues to increase and the number
of its registered sellers reached 100,000 when it was just
opened for 20 days. To protect the interests and rights
of consumers, the website plans to seek the opportunity
to fight irregular sellers any chance it gets. The
representative says the goal of this special action is to
maintain a good shopping environment and to promote the
fair, just and open competition among online shop owners.
In the future, the company will impose quick and harsh
punishments to sellers who sell fake goods. At the same
time, it will call for the support of consumers to report
irregular activities.

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