Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Japanese ecommerce platform launched

Baidu has launched a beta version of a new e-commerce
service which is an integration platform to help Japanese
companies sell Japanese-made products to Chinese
mainland customers. According to Baidu, the product
information published on this website at is provided by its Japanese cooperative
partners. At present, its major partner is,
authorized by Navibird owned by the Nissen Group, and
all the products now displayed on the e-commerce
website are linked to the Chinese website of
Baidu has published a notice about the business structure
of this website, which says the website is a platform that
integrates e-commerce products and it is not responsible
for product advisory or order inquiry related to its
cooperative partners. Baidu appears to want to remain
hands-off, which could become a problem if some of the
products are defective or customer service via Baidu's
partners is not optimal. Baidu also points that its
cooperative partners will be responsible for all the issues
related to the products shown on the website, including
the prices, quality, pictures of the products, after-sales
services, delivery methods and delivery areas, and Baidu
will not assume any liability for the information concerning
the products.

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Anonymous said...

According to Shaun Rein, though the overall retail sales in China in 2009 would fall because of the financial turbulence, ecommerce is still going to boom. he said "We're expecting a 20 percent growth in 2009, and we think it's actually going to be one of the strongest sectors in China this year because of the financial crisis".