Thursday, February 5, 2009

DCCI on seach ad revenues in 08

The Data Center of the Chinese Internet (DCCI) has released
new statistics for 2008 search engine advertising revenues
showing that China's search advertising revenues rose to
RMB 5.08 bln last year. DCCI predicts that search advertising
revenues will grow to RMB 8.49 bln in 2009, up 67% over 2008.
Search engine traffic rose and fell by varying degrees in 2008,
influenced by such major events as the Wenchuan earthquake
and the Olympics, and by increased attention to and investment
in search advertising from both SMEs and branded advertisers.
Keyword ads, content network ads, search-based branding ads,
and other search-related services grew by a combined 86.2%
in 2008.

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