Friday, February 20, 2009

Morgan Stanley expects Baidu's market share to slip in the next 5 years

Predicts Baidu will see market share in China's paid search
field slip 15 percentage points in the coming five years. On
February 19, 2009, the investment bank made comments
on Baidu's financial report for the fourth quarter of the
2008 fiscal year, saying that the Internet company's sales
value surged 76% to USD 132.2 million as expected. However,
its diluted EPS jumped 31% to CNY 8.31 apiece, and was
lower than expectations, due to dropping OP Margin and
rising tax rates. Excitingly, the effect of being accused of
fake ranking has dissipated. Baidu's paid user base climbed
1.5% in the period to 197,000. But, Baidu still made a cautious
prediction for the first quarter of 2009, saying that its sales
value will jump 36% to 39%. China's Internet users will leap
30% this year, and Baidu will take a market share of more
than 60% in the paid search field, according to Morgan
Stanley's forecast.

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