Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Analysys report on Q4 China Internet searchmarket

The keyword advertising segment was RMB 1.96 billion.
Baidu seemingly had 56% of the market, which translates
to 1.09 billion. The other source of revenue for Baidu is
TAC from Baidu Union members (third-party websites
where Baidu places ads and gets a cut of the click-thru
revenue). If one estimates TAC as 12%, search should be
88% of total revenue. Which leads to RMB 1.238 billion.
The high end of Baidu's guidance was RMB 1.23 billion,
The high end of current analyst estimates is
RMB 1.28 billion, and the average, RMB 1.227 billion.
A TAC estimate of 12% is conservative, but where Analysys
includes TAC revenue is unclear.

Google counts revenue from ads placed by Chinese companies
on google.com as part of China revenue. This means the
total reported China revenue does not correlate to searches
made within China.

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