Thursday, October 23, 2008

iResearch: Baidu search share at 73.2%

Affected by the Beijing Olympics, webpage search requests of, the biggest Chinese Internet search service provider
in the world, took a nose dive in this August but reversed the
trend by increasing 30% in September, according to the
latest report from IT market research firm iResearch.

Total webpage search requests in China hit 37.19 billion times
in the third quarter of 2008. Baidu retained the top spot by
taking up 73.2% of the market. Google came second with a
market share of 20.8%.

Industry analysts point out that the dominance of Baidu
in China can hardly be shaken and its market share may
be higher than statistics of iResearch.

The survey conducted by iResearch focuses on household
and corporate users and doesn't include search traffic generated
by users in Internet cafes.

Latest numbers indicate that about one third of Chinese Internet
users are getting access to the Web from Internet cafes.

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