Friday, October 17, 2008

Cooperation with Cisco

Baidu announced on Thursday that it has deepened its strategic
cooperation with Cisco, and the alliance has realized the
research and development, deployment and testing of an imitated
Internet platform scheme.

A research group coestablished by the two parties has completed
the ultimate bearing capacity test of "next generation" Internet
platforms. In addition, it will study such popular technology
programs as netizen experience and IPv6.

According to Baidu, the cooperation combines superior resources
from both parties, including labor, equipment and capital.

The two parties are expected to prepare for the arrival of
"next generation" Internet and search engines by establishing
co- labs, setting up program R&D teams, as well as interacting
on technology issues.

Analysts believe Baidu aims to push forward Internet technology
standardization for the approaching new Internet era, as its
current R&D activities have covered a whole industrial chain,
ranging from core network facilities, connection, end-devices
to testing instruments.

Besides the cooperation with Cisco in the fields of IPv6 and
100G Internet bearing capacity research, Baidu is also working
with such companies as Huawei Technologies and H3C in Ethernet
and mobile Internet technology, and with Intel and Nankai
University, in high-performance computer and solid state disk
technologies respectively.

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