Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Analysys: Baidu's revenue share down a bit

In the three months ended Sept. 30, Baidu had 63.4% of
China's search-engine market by revenue, down from 64.4%
in the second quarter, Beijing-based Analysys said in a

At the same time, Google's share of China's search-engine
market rose to 27.8% from 26.1% in the second quarter.

Competition in China's search-engine market has been
rising, Analysys said, with Chinese company Baidu
adjusting its multi-development strategy and Google
implementing its localization strategy in the third

In the third quarter, total search-engine revenue in
China rose 78% from a year earlier to CNY1.46 billion,
slowing from 87% growth in the second quarter, as
per Analysys.

Advertising spending fell because some companies halted
operations during the Beijing Olympics in August, while
small- and medium-sized enterprises lowered their
advertising budgets due to the global economic turmoil,
the report said.

Distant third-place contender Yahoo China continued to
lose ground, with its market share falling to 4.7% in
the third quarter from 5.5% in the second quarter.

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