Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baidu Hi e-commerce version

Baidu released a customized e-commerce version of its
instant messaging software "Baidu Hi" on October 29,
reports Sohu. The version adds pictures and
information for products on Baidu's e-commerce
platform, "Youa," and allows users to login to the
platform, publish products and manage shops from
the Baidu Hi main window. According to a post in
Sohu's IT Club, a former vice president from
Shanghai-based online payment service provider
99Bill and his team have resigned to join Baidu's
online payment tool "Bai Fu Bao."

Baidu released a web version of Baidu Hi for users of
its blog "Baidu Space" on October 23. Space users can
click on the Baidu Hi logo in another user's blog page
to open a chat window, without downloading Baidu Hi

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