Friday, June 6, 2008

IM launched officially

Global IP Solutions is supplying the video
software solution for video chat. The GIPS
VideoEngine adapts to the available bandwidth,
which ensures that a video connection is
maintained at all times and prevents the video
from freezing.

GIPS VideoEngine works with standard or
proprietary video codec implementations and
reduces the RAM and CPU required to deliver
high quality video on computers. Baidu Hi
is integrated with a Web page keyword search
function, putting it alongside rival products
such as MSN and QQ, said Shen Haoyu, Baidu's
vice president.

"As a newcomer, we don't aim to compete with
rivals. Instead, the IM is a key component for
us to establish an online community," Shen said
during Baidu World 2008, which was held in

Tencent's QQ and Microsoft's MSN lead the IM
market in China, with almost 400 million
registered users, according to Analysys

As well as IM, Baidu has launched cyber games
and online forum services and will have an
online auction Website by the end of this year.

The new services aim to improve user loyalty
and profitability of the company's core search
business, according to Baidu, which has 160,000
clients in China. It has also launched a new
service which provides industry research
reports, promotion advice and market trend
prediction, besides traditional search.

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