Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Call to boycott Baidu over MP3 searches

IFPI and China audio-video recording association
decided to collectively lobby the National
Copyright Administration of China to take action
against Baidu on linking to illegal MP3 music.

Singling out Baidu as “the largest and most
incorrigible purveyor of pirated music in
China,” Qu Jing Ming, director general of
the Music Copyright Society of China, said
the alliance “realize that in order to
establish a healthy business environment it
is not enough to depend just on legal means
but also through business and administrative
initiatives, public opinion and other methods
so that eventually we will marginalize and
blacklist pirating organizations.”

International heavyweights Universal Music,
EMI and Warner-Chappell Music are participating
in the effort, along with their Chinese
counterparts Linfair Music, Linfair Music
Publishing, Seed Music, Taihe Rye Music, R2G,
Zhu Shu Fang Music and Yue Lin Music. Together,
they represent more than 80% of the Chinese
music market and a significant portion of
international mainstream music.

The recording industry claims Baidu has given
Chinese Web surfers access to links for
unlicensed music streaming and downloading
via its Web site, and earned significant
advertising revenues due to the massive online
traffic it has enjoyed as a result.

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