Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Analysts: Susquehanna positive on Baidu

Ming Zhao sees a major traffic increase in end
February for Baidu, probably from traffic
picking up after the snowstorms and New Year, and
searches related to the Edison Chen sex scandal
(real nude and sex act photos of various Hong Kong
actresses and Mr. Chen - the actresses/singers
definitely look better with their clothes on).
In the dry words of Mr. Zhao:

"While the search for sex-scandal photos should
be one-time in nature, and should not lead to
monetization, such events always teach new Internet
users how to use search engines."

Most importantly, Ming believes Baidu has gained
search market share from Google again. Reiterates
'positive' rating. Susquehanna has a policy of
no target estimates.

The last rally in Baidu was sparked by Ming Zhao's
accurate prediction of blowout revenue for Q2 2007.

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