Monday, May 4, 2009

Partnering with cellphone handset makers to preinstall search

An unnamed insider said Baidu has partnered with
handset manufacturers including Samsung, Lenovo
and Beijing Tianyu Communications Equipment to
release handsets pre-installed with wireless search
technology, including two Samsung models that will
hit shelves in May, reports The models are
Samsung's S8300, which will support China Unicom's
WCDMA network, and S5239, which supports
2G networks from Unicom and China Mobile. The
search tool can be accessed via a Baidu icon
preinstalled in the handset menu. Baidu has been
cooperating with Taiwan-based chip designer to
develop a search service based on MTK's platform,
said the insider.

Baidu is working on a wireless search tool named
"Zhang Shang Baidu" (roughly, "Baidu Palm") that will
be simultaneously released in Japan this year, said
Chief Technology Officer Li Yinan during the April 2009
Global Mobile Internet Conference. The Samsung, Lenovo
and Tianyu model is similar to a partnership Baidu
established with Nokia in 2006. Over 90% of
Chinese-made handsets use MTK operating system

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