Monday, April 20, 2009

Baidu Tieba adds private group

Baidu has just launched a new feature,
called club, for its popular Tieba. Club is
much like a public tieba. But the master
of the club has more privacy controls. In
Baidu’s words, club is to provide a more
private communication place for special
interest groups, but it’s not going to affect
or compete with public tieba.

Although they look very similar and most probably
share the same back end system, they are
still different. A tieba is driven by a search keyword,
which becomes the name of the tieba. Most users
visit tieba through search. Users can post in tieba
without logging in. A club’s name doesn’t have to be
a search keyword. Members must login to post
content or probably view anything. Currently only
a selected group of tieba users have got privilege to
create clubs.

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