Thursday, March 5, 2009

Phoenix next on schedule for Q2 09

Baidu's ad auction system "Phoenix Nest" is in
its final stage of testing and on schedule for
release in the second quarter of 2009, reports
National Business Daily quoting Baidu Sales
Vice President Shi Youcai on March 3. Shi said
Phoenix Nest is a system update, not the second
commercial product after bid-ranking. During its
fourth quarter 2008 conference call, Baidu said
the system, with improved relevance and additional
customer tools, would be "broadly available" in the
second quarter. Currently being tested on the
right-hand side of Baidu search results, Baidu
management said Phoenix Nest would potentially be
offered for left-hand and top-left spaces.

Since "the issue" last November, Baidu has
strengthened management of its local agents and
emphasized honesty and corporate culture as the
foundation of business performance, said Shi.

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