Thursday, March 5, 2009

CNNIC stats on the search marketing side

China had more than 200 million search engine
users by the end of 2008, making search the fourth
most common use of the Internet, reports
quoting China Internet Network Information Center
statistics. Among enterprises that use search
marketing, 86% and 60.2% chose Baidu and
Google, respectively. Baidu was the top choice for
72.2% of enterprises that use only one search engine
and 93.1% of enterprises that use multiple engines.

Among all enterprises interviewed, 14.1% plan to
increase their spending on paid search, 55.3% will
maintain spending and 7.8% plan to discontinue the
service. Roughly 76% said they spend more than
RMB 5,000 annually on search results. Among
search advertisers, 78% book annual revenue of
RMB 1-50 million, with 61.1% recording between
RMB 1-20 million. The manufacturing, IT and trade
industries account for 49.3%, 12.5% and 10.3% of
search advertisers, respectively.

Among search engine users, 44% are female, an
increase of 1% year-on-year; 70.1% are under 30,
among who 31.7% are students, with 30.3%, 28.8%
and 25.1% receiving high school, college and university
degrees. Among all users, 33.3% earn more than
RMB 2,000 per month, 40.8% earn less than
RMB 1,000 monthly, and 32.6% search for music.

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