Thursday, November 20, 2008

Phoenix nest - new ad system - to be rolled out

Robin Li, CEO, said today that Baidu will roll out a new
advertising system, "Phoenix Nest," designed to resolve
recent user problems and complaints regarding Baidu's
competitive ranking system. Baidu VP Shen Haoyu said
that the new beta advertising system will display paid
links and keywords on the right of the page, and will
suggest more flexible keywords to clients. Shen did not
divulge any specific details as to when the new system
would go online.

According to an industry insider who has seen the new
system, Phoenix Nest is comparable to Google's AdWords
in terms of functionality. It provides a number of new
functions including domain-targeted advertisements,
keyword recommendation services, budget planning tools,
lowest-price display, and round-robin advertisement
display functionality. Reporting information generated for
advertisers will include expanded information on statistics
across a number of indicators. A source at Baidu claims that
the new functionality in Phoenix Nest will help solve the
company's previous problems in providing sufficient data
to advertisers.

At the same time, Baidu COO Ye Peng said that the
employees shown to have been complicit in listing false
advertisements by CCTV would be dismissed.

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