Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Isobar partners with Baidu

Isobar, Aegis Media’s digital network, is seeking to grow
its search marketing facility in China with the launch of
its search engine optimisation service iProspect on the

The initiative will incorporate Baidu’s application
programming interface (API) into Isobar’s global search
engine tool Iseba (iProspect search engine bidding agent).

The integration, which will be implemented by wwwins
Consulting, will reportedly enable campaign optimisation
across all search engines in China from a single online
platform. Anthony Yu, the firm’s search director, explained
that the service would employ an ‘intelligent’ system to
recognize online consumer behavior and make adjustments
accordingly within the parameters of a capped rate specified
by clients.

iProspect currently operates in a number of Asian markets,
including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia
and New Zealand in conjunction with Google and Yahoo.

wwwins’ clients in Greater China include adidas, Coca Cola,
P&G, Nissan and HSBC among others.

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