Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baidu widens lead over Google per Analysys

Baidu expanded its lead over Google in China's
search engine market in the second quarter,
research firm Analysys International said
Wednesday. In the three months ended June 30,
Baidu had 64.4% of the search engine market by
revenue, up from 60.7% in the first quarter,
Analysys said in a report. Google's share of
the market fell to 26.1% in the second quarter
from 26.8% in the first quarter. China's total
search engine revenues rose 87% from a year
earlier to CNY1.23 billion on increased
advertising spending by small and medium-sized
enterprises, the report said. Analysys said the
Beijing Olympics in the third quarter will
likely drive increased demand for Web searches
in China and further advertising spending by
small and medium enterprises. Distant
third-place contender Yahoo China continued to
lose ground.

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B.M. said...

A link to your source would be helpful, if not necessary. Would also be good to know the Yahoo China number.