Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Google China's music venture limited in scope

Google China will cooperate with Top100 to
provide a free MP3 search and download service.
The service will be carried on's site,
with trial listening and free download of some of
the music directly from Google China's servers. will provide licensed music content.

The cooperation reportedly differs from other
music search and linking services, in that
Google China will encrypt the music and
require a digital certificate for listening.
However, this may limit users to playing
the music on their PCs, without the option
of transferring files to MP3 players, mobile
phones or other mobile devices.

Accordingly, many industry pundits believe the
cooperation will be ineffective in competing with
Baidu, but may put Google on similar footing with
Sina Music, or Aigo Music, which currently offer
similar services.

Top 100 was founded by Yao Ming, Yao Ming's
agent and cousin Erik Zhang (Zhang Mingji) and
music industry professional Gary Ge Chen
(Chen Ge). Previously it was reported that Google
had invested in

Marbridge consulting report

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