Friday, February 15, 2008

Baidu stock ownership SEC filings

A bunch of owners filed yesterday.

Fidelity FMR LLC reduced stake from 6.225% (11/13/07)
to 1.474%.

Morgan Stanley upped from 5.1% (2/20/07) to

Wellington Management LLP sold their entire
6.65% stake they had on 2/14/07.

JP Morgan upped its stake to 6.2%.

UBS AG has ended with 5.83%

Mirae Global Asset Management, Hong Kong, reduced
their recent buy to 4.7% from 5.2% (01/02/08).

Robin Li has 16.35%. The portion he divested to his
wife can no longer be tracked, and is best thought
of as sold.

The major holders left are:

Robin Li: 16.35%
Morgan Stanley: 6.7%
JP Morgan: 6.2%
UBS AG: 5.83%

SEC filings

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