Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Brandlink ads

Baidu is currently developing a new search advertising
model named BrandLink. According to local media reports,
Baidu's new BrandLink area, which is laced at the top of
Baidu's web search results, is an information dissemination
platform customized for famous brands. This innovative
search model combines various display methods, including
words, pictures and videos, which can improve the search
experience of Chinese netizens using the search engine.
The BrandLink advertisement area is separated from the
common search results by a horizontal line with picture
advertisements on the right side of the page, providing a
space for the display of products. As a proper
supplementation to Baidu's bidding rank system, the
BrandLink model may gain more brand advertisers for
Baidu. The company says that so far, many major brands
such as Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz and Audi
have started their BrandLink marketing on Baidu.

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